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Mad Max: Fury Road review

“Makes all other movies about insane freaks driving mutant trucks into each other while juggling chainsaws and hand grenades look dull and passé.”
Mad Max: Fury Road – the official Harsh Critic review

“Locke should suck like a lonely pervert’s vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t.” HC review: Locke

Locke is Tom Hardy sitting in a car for hours, on his phone. But it’s brilliant, and he doesn’t even run over any cyclists

Rush movie review

Harsh Critic went to the Australian premiere of Ron ‘Happy Days’ Howard’s long-awaited Formula One flick Rush, and we didn’t have to gate-crash.

“So much whimsy, Michel Gondry ejaculated a unicorn” HC review: Upside Down

It’s a sci-fi fantasy that ties up its loose ends with a cannon. But is it just pixie-neon wank?

The Place Beyond the Pines

It’s a mighty fine thing to be shocked in a movie, and not in the “oh wow, that female character has a penis” kind of way. The Place Beyond the Pines is a film that shakes off the Hollywood stupor.

Movie review: Oblivion

How much do you love Tom Cruise? Not as much as he does. But if you love him the amount that Hollywood believes we all do, you’ll love this sci-fi noir Tomfest. We didn’t.

Man of Steel is Superman dressed right and done right.

Clark Kent’s high-flying, world-saving alter ego discovers that putting the Reg Grundys on before the super-suit does wonders for the credibility.

Our first zero star review. Congrats Will Smith, you earned it.

The movie After Earth should only have been released after Earth ceased to exist. Then Humanity’s suffering would be less.

Is The Great Gatsby great?

And could everyone just stop using lazy Great/great headlines? Well, no. (To both.)

“Don’t believe the Internet, this is great!” Gangster Squad: movie review

Don’t believe the [rest of the] Internet. Gosling’s Gangster Squad is a misunderstood masterpiece, sort of. And it has Emma Stone.

“Unintentional self parody” The Last Stand: movie review

Welcome to The Last Stand, where the Governator is back, like a post-stroke Autobot: monosyllabic, baffled and shambling into the furniture

“Frankly, we’re not buying it” Warm Bodies: film review

Warm Bodies is a zom-rom-com, but there’s not much comedy in it, and the romance is hard to swallow, particularly for the zombie. So it’s more of a zom-bomb, really.

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