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Sempiternal by Bring Me The Horizon album review

Album: Sempiternal
Artist: Bring Me The Horizon
Genre: Metalcore
Released: 2013
Great tracks: Can You Feel My Heart, Sleepwalking, Crooked Young
Dud tracks: And The Snakes Start To Sing, Empire (Let Them Sing), Seen It All Before
Rating: 2 out of 5

If you like loud noises, I’ve got two great pieces of news for you. Firstly, you aren’t a dog. Secondly, Bring Me The Horizon has a new album out.


You are getting sleepy…

The Sheffield-based five piece have made a name for themselves for pushing the boundaries of what can be considered hardcore, heavy music – and their latest effort Sempiternal is true to form.

There are tracks on here that play to their strengths, with screamy and shouty lyrics bouncing off dubstep-like breaks as screeching guitars seer your ears and thumping drums get your legs bobbing. And then there are the shit ones.

Empire (Let Them Sing) is one of the crudders. Yes it has strong harmonies with Slipknot-style war-cries, but it has a very repetitive tune and lyrics that are just rubbish:

“Let them sing, let them sing, let them bastards sing, let them God-forsaken bastards sing”

This song is so annoying it gets to a point where you’d swear you were listening to Linkin Park. And not early, half-decent Linkin Park, but the new stuff that gets into your head and makes you mad for remembering such drivel. Yuck.

Other duds include And The Snakes Start To Sing — a whiney, slow moving, over-thought and over-produced track that treads scarily close to emo territory.

Seen It All Before — more like Heard It All Before -– this track feels like it’s following a formula. There’s a slow intro, the tempo builds, strained vocals, some screaming, and fast drumming and guitars. Rinse, repeat.

But as bad as a few of the songs are, there’re also some corkers here.

The first track on the album, Can You Feel My Heart, is almost a ballad –- well, if you can have a ballad in which the vocalist screams as though he’s just made a very bad mistake while trimming his pubes.

Sleepwalking is a prime example of BMTH doing what they do best. The harmonies in the chorus are shiver-worthy and it’s a cleverly layered and complex tune. Shadow Moses stands tall with electronic buzzes and great guitar work. Crooked Young is musically strong, with an orchestral start mismatched with brilliant heaviness — it’s a peach of a track.

If you like your metal traditional, you’ll like The House of Wolves, which is a drum and guitar-driven racket with lots of rhythm breaks scattered through the track. Antivist should also suffice – it’s a bit repetitive but brutally punchy.

I’m a fan of Bring Me The Horizon’s other offerings, particularly the band’s third album There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret –- and while Sempiternal is a decent listen, this is a small step compared to the giant leaps the brand has made in the past. It’s just not as good as I wished it would’ve been.

It gets two out of five head-bangers with sore necks.

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